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Teemu Leino, in his first race for XRAY has won the 2006 Touring Car Carpet World Cup held at the CRF Power Raceway in Switzerland. Teemu was very happy with the performance of the T2'007 and all the instant set-up changes possible to make thanks to the XRAY Multi-Flex and thanks to the very constant handling Teemu could win qualifications and achieved the TQ and in the Reedy Race format took 4 wins and one second position which made him the overall winner.

Not only Teemu but also other XRAY drivers were hot favourites for the final top 10 positions and after very competitive racing with a lot of track fight it was the Team XRAY that was the most successful team at the World Cup placing 5x XRAY's in the top 10.

2006 World Cup final results:
1. Teemu Leino - XRAY T2'007 + TQ
2. Andy Moore
3. Juho Levanen
4. Craig Drescher
5. Cyril N’Diaye - XRAY T2'007
6. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY T2'007

7. Hupo Hönigl
8. Martin Hudy - XRAY T2'007
9. Jean-Marc Betticher
10. Alexander Stocker - XRAY T2'007

The T2'007 from Teemu Leino

Martin Hudy had traffic issues and could not repeat his success from last year but still managed to

Race report by Martin Hudy click to enlarge
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The GP World Cup was held between November 30 – December 03, 2006, in the CRF Power track in Preverenges, Switzerland. A lot of top European drivers (including current world champion Andy Moore) attended the race to show some superb racing and to claim the best results for the carpet world cup.

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Martin & Alex
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Team XRAY was as usual represented by all top European drivers including Jilles Groskamp, Martin Hudy (who last year set TQ and finished 2nd), Alexander Stocker, and new team members Teemu Leino, Ben Cosgrove, and Cyril N`Diaye. Plus, team drivers from Switzerland, Italy, and Czech Republic were well represented as well.

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action photo
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This year there were some changes in the rules, and the first big change was in the tires. Last year we were allowed Take-Off CS27; this time the control tires were Much More 32 and only Orion additive was allowed. The race system was changed as well. Last year the top 32 drivers were driving in mixed heats and they started from different positions; however, this year there was a lottery about starting positions for the finals. This system had one big advantage - it was funnier - but it also had some disadvantages especially for those drivers who were unlucky in the lottery and had to start from back positions.

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Teemu's T2'007 car
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Practice in the heats was held on Thursday and Friday with 4 rounds each day. The XRAY guys were very fast right from the beginning. Teemu and Jilles were two of the fastest and showed the performance of the new T2’007 car. Martin had some problems with the set up because his car had no steering and grip but after three rounds of practice he changed the tires and car had super grip. The difference of the tires shocked almost all XRAY drivers because they were afraid of getting a bad set of tires for the race. Therefore, Jilles tested his 3 racing sets in practice and realize as well that one set of tires was very bad. However, at the end of the practice the XRAY drivers were the fastest and Teemu set the fastest lap.

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Xray T2'007
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On Saturday the day started with qualifiers. Teemu was again fastest and set TQ on his first race with an XRAY car. Teemu was the only driver to get 30 laps. Jilles finished third behind Andy Moore. Martin was very fast in the first qualifier; however when he was leading he made a mistake in the chicane and broke the rear upper arm. He had some bad luck also in the other 2 qualifiers and finished seventh overall. Michal Bok from Czech Republic was the third XRAY guy in the top 10 (he was 9th overall).

1. Teemu Leino XRAY
2. Andy Moore
3. Jilles Groskamp XRAY
4. Juho Levanen
5. Craig Drescher
6. Hubert Honigl
7. Martin Hudy XRAY
9. Michal Bok XRAY

Finals: click to enlarge
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Teemu showed his excellent driving skills and car performance by winning 4 finals, making him the winner of the carpet world cup. Teemu had very bad luck in the lottery because he always started from the back positions. However, it was amazing to watch how quickly he was able to move to the front of the pack without crashing anyone. For example, Teemu started in last place in the fifth final, which could decide about his winning, but after only one lap he was in the lead.

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He passed four drivers in the first two corners without any contact. Andy Moore finished second in five finals; however, he was luckier because in first rounds he started from the first position and his worst starting position was 5th. Jilles was unlucky with the starting positions - same as Teemu - but he was more unlucky in the finals because he was many times crashed immediately after the start and almost always was far behind the leader.

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Juraj & Ben working
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Although he won 2 finals the rest of the races were very bad for him because two times he could not finish the race. Because of that he finished 6th overall. Martin was unlucky as well because in all finals he started from the middle which is the worst position because he had to wait on drivers in front of him and the drivers behind were pushing very hard. Martin was lucky only once when he started from the first position; however one driver who was starting second crashed Martin two times after the start and then he destroyed his car by coming off the straight way.

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So, after bad luck Martin finished 8th overall by winning one final and two times coming 2nd and once 3rd. Cyril had a very good weekend with his new T2’007 car because he was super fast in the finals and finished on perfect 5 positions. Alex “Stocki” , after bad luck in qualifiers, showed his racing skills and car performance and finished 9th overall.
Although some our guys were unlucky, Team XRAY can by proud because Teemu set TQ and won the world cup and it was only Teemu`s first race with the T2’007. Plus, there were 5 XRAY drivers in the top 10 which showed the great performance of the car.

Martin Hudy
XRAY Factory Team

Teemu Leino Set-up sheet.

Cyril N’Diaye Set-up sheet.

Alex Stocker Set-up sheet.

Alex Stocker as usually with smile on his face and this time also with more luck and good resul

The World Cup track

Cars line up on the starting grid

Teemu fully concentrated for his run

Jilles did also nice showcase and finished in the top 10

Another track view

pictures from rcworld.ch a rcinfos.com