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In the Expert class, David Ehrbar delivered exciting battles between himself, Patrick Gassauer, and Daniel Mateos. At the end, David claimed the victory followed by Patrick and Daniel.

In Stock class Jürgen Hennemuth left no doubt about his victory ambitions. He had wrenched on his car to put it in ultimate condition (and it really went!) and for the final runs used specially flown-in batteries (ORCAN). The preparation paid off, as he could maintain a very fast pace and concentrate on putting Max Aschoff easily under control. Max had to protect his position and keep an eye constantly on his back, because Dai Sakaguchi pushed forward from the back and waited for a driving mistake of Max. Nevertheless, Max kept his nerve and finished in 2nd place in the final.

The B finale was dominated by youth. Young star MAC Kevin Blume was put under incredible pressure from the 13-year-old Dustin Zacharia. This showed enormous talent, which also MAC senior Jürgen Seeliger (with a lot of experience) also had to go up against.

New class EB-19 (1:12) was of MAC with 5 drivers competing.

" 'Us Toddy " Torsten Kress - a new beginner in this class - headed the field, flowing freely like a virtuoso through the pack!

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Melanie and Robert unfortunately had to throw in the towel quite early. Lars Köpke fought with the electronics, Wolfgang Sippel fought with himself and the racetrack, while Torsten ran away unthreatened to the first start - finish victory .



1. Ehrbar, David XRAY T2
2. Gassauer, Patrick
3. Mateos, Daniel


1. Hennemuth, Jürgen XRAY T2
2. Aschoff, Max XRAY T2

3. Sakguchi, Dai
4. Köpke, Melanie XRAY T2
5. Speck, Robert
6. Blume, Kevin (winner B-Finale) XRAY T1R
7. Zacharias, Dustin
8 Seeliger, Jürgen XRAY T2'007
9. Kress, Torsten XRAY T2