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December…sunny skies… beautiful weather and place. Very hot temperatures… summer is here in Brazil! The track temperature was 64° and was cooking the tires on the track. The goal was to reach 24 laps in 5 minutes.

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The race format was 5 heats with the best heat results for each driver being counted. After 5 heats, 10 drivers would go on to the finals. The TOP 10 disputed 3 finals with points: 1st – 10pts, 2nd –9pts…10th – 1pt. Then after all 3 finals we would sum the points and name the champion. Only 2 sets of tires for each driver were permitted.

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Friday was practice day and had cooler weather. All XRAY cars were easily reaching 24 laps but on Saturday the track temperature dropped to 57° and the cars were oversteering. We had only 3 heats on Saturday to get into the finals. In the first heat, Fabiano Franco would reach 24 laps in 5:06 and we could assume he was going to the finals.

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Flavio Salinet, Jonas Ferstemberg, and Horácio Ferreira still had problems. Their cars were oversteering in some turns now. In the final heat, Flávio got 23 laps / 5:01 and would be in 3rd place until Sunday.

On Sunday morning the track temperature was only 36?. With different set-ups, Flávio Salinet got 24 laps / 5:16 and this guaranteed his place in the finals. After all 5 heats, all XRAY TEAM BRASIL drivers would get into the finals:

The results after 5 heats were (classified drivers):

1- Otávio Langowski
2- Fabiano Franco – XRAY T2
3- Flávio Salinet – XRAY T2

4- Hamilton Júlio Jr
5- Horácio Ferreira – XRAY T2
6- Jonas Ferstemberg – XRAY T2

7- Eduardo Vezetti
8- Lincoln Almeida
9- Paulo Martins
10- Luiz Sergio Gonzaga

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In the first Final, after the start the order was the same: 1st Otávio, 2nd Fabiano and 3rd Flavio. After a few minutes the Novak 3.5 of Otavio cut out and stopped, so Fabiano took the lead followed by Flavio.

In the second Final, Fabiano started on pole followed by Flavio in 2nd. Both drivers were battling and after a mistake in a turn Flávio took the lead until 4:30 when he had electrical problems. Flávio ended up finishing second with Fabiano winning the Final. This Final was very popular with the crowd, who was constantly cheering.

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In the third Final, Fabiano almost had both hands on the trophy. The only chance for Flávio was to finish in 1st place and Fabiano to end in 4th place. After the start, Fabiano was in 1st and Flávio was in 2nd … this was the order to the end. Flávio tried to pass Fabiano but his tires cooked when he forced his car, so Fabiano Franco won with Flávio Salinet on 2sec behind.

After 3 finals we got the TOP 10:

1. Fabiano Franco - XRAY T2 – XRAY TEAM BRASIL
2. Flávio Salinet XRAY T2 - XRAY TEAM BRASIL

3. Paulo Martins
4. Luiz Sergio Gonzaga
5. Hamilton Júlio Jr
6. Jonas Ferstemberg XRAY T2 - XRAY TEAM BRASIL
7. Otávio Langowski
8. Horácio Ferreira XRAY T2 - XRAY TEAM BRASIL
9. Lincoln Almeida
10. Eduardo Vezetti

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XRAY TEAM BRASIL won this year’s most important regional championship — the Curitibano Championship — in Stock Class with Fabiano Franco and in Modified Class with Fabiano Franco in 1st and Flávio Salinet in 2nd.

This past weekend XRAY TEAM BRASIL put the whole team into the finals of the Brazilian Nationals and won this event, too. We are very proud of the Team.

Many thanks to XRAY for their generous support. We are very grateful to FUSION POWER batteries that sponsor our team with great batteries. Thanks also to FS MODELSPORT who supported XRAY TEAM BRASIL and all drivers who used XRAY chassis in this event in the name of XRAY.

Thank you all and we will see you in 2007. Now, we will have the 1002 laps of Curitiba to end this year. This event is a friendship party. That we created in 2004.

Video by TV Channel of Brazil from the Brazil Championship 2006.

Flávio Salinet Set-up sheet.