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Race report by Helge Johannessen
The second round of the Norwegian National Cup was held on Sunday, December 3rd in Skien. The track was 600m2 with extremely high grip and many tricky combinations.

I entered both 19-turn Spec and Modified classes

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In the Modified class, most drivers had traction roll problems, but my car worked very well; it was easy handling and very fast. I used the same setup as the last race (in Eskilstuna) except for the tires. Here I used Sorex 28r, JB foam and Orion rims, which seems to be the control tyres for the EFRA GP in Norway.

I was TQ and won 3 straight finals.

Results :

1. Helge Johannessen – XRAY T2’007 (TQ)
2. Truls Solberg
3. John Lara - XRAY T2’007
4. Göran Langsholt
5. Roger Larsen - XRAY T2’007

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XRAYs were dominating in the 19-turn Spec class, with 7 XRAYs in the A-final. I put in a fast time in the first round of qualifying with Adrian Bentsen close behind me. In the second round, I had some interference problems and did not finish. In the third round I tried to attack as hard as I could, and made a supreme qualifying time. After qualifying I was TQ.

In the final, I won the first two since the cars behind me crashed in the first turn, though I had interference problems in the third final.

Results :

1. Helge Johannessen - XRAY T2’007 (TQ)
2. Morten Bremsrud
3. Adrian Berntsen - XRAY T2’007
4. Georg Ellingsen - XRAY T2’007
5. Sigmund Övereng - XRAY T2’007

6. Markus Paskarbeit
7. Stig O. Alstad - XRAY T2’007
8. Espen Grimsgard - XRAY T2’007
9. Erik Bentsen - XRAY T2’007

10. Robin S. Nordlie

So the next race will be National Cup round 3, in Spydeberg on January 7th, 2007.

Helge Johannessen Modified Set-up sheet.

Helge Johannessen 19-turn Set-up sheet.