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Race report by Alex Stocker click to enlarge
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The 2nd round of the South German Championship took place in Erlangen on December 9th & 10th. A lot of drivers look forward this race, because it was the first race with the new 5-cell rule. Also because of this rule change, the Modified category welcomed a lot of former Stock drivers who moved up into the Modified category. Thomas GĂĽnsel, current German Indoor Champion and former Outdoor Champion, tried to continue his string of victories now in the Modified category. All together there were 19 drivers in Modified and 31 in Stock categories.

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The race started as usual with open practice. My car, as well as the cars of the rest of the XRAY team, worked really well right from the start. Thomas GĂĽnsel had no problems handling the speed of a modified motor. After two rounds of qualification, the Saturday ended with two XRAY cars at the front in Modified, and almost 7 XRAY cars at the front in Stock.

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I was a little bit astonished after technical inspection told me after my first round that I had to add some weight to reach the weight limit of 1350g, even though I used a brushless system. Thanks, Juraj… the T2´007 is a light car. Because everyone on the team was well satisfied with their cars, we could go out and have some nice rounds of bowling. Thomas was really unbeatable here!

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Sunday started with the unfriendly noise of the alarm clock, after a very short night. Three rounds of qualifying and the finals where on the schedule. I had some very good rounds and managed to keep the TQ spot. Thomas had some traffic problems and qualified 4th. The Stock category saw 8 XRAY cars in front; the complete A Main!

The Modified Finals click to enlarge
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The first final in Modified was nice and clean. I had a clean run without any mistakes. My car simply was very easy to drive fast. In second place, only 0.4sec behind the leader, was Dominik Fleischmann followed by Felix Bischoff and Daniel Wohlgemuth.

The second final saw a lot of trouble after the start. The top three could be out of the pack, but later is quite hard to pass all these guys when lapping them. The result was Alex Stocker in front of Dominik Fleischmann and Bernhard Bopp.

The third finals saw Thomas GĂĽnsel in 3rd spot, this time with luck and no traffic.

The final Order where:
1. Alexander Stocker XRAY T2´007
2. Dominik Fleischmann
3. Felix Bishoff
4. Thomas Günsel XRAY T2´007
5. Bernhard Bopp
6. Wohlgemuth Daniel XRAY T2´007
7. Martin Hofer
8. Meiser Johann XRAY T2
9. Alexander Löbel XRAY T2´007

The Stock finals click to enlarge
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The Stock finals were really tight and fair. Eric Dankel left the followers hardly any chance. He won the first and third finals and took the overall victory. Only in the second final did Florian Bernklau take the win after Erik had some problems with a loose tyre. Erik showed that you don´t have to wrench much on a T2´007; he himself used his own right as it came from the box, with the initial setting. The Stock category shows the dominance of XRAY cars in the south. All A-Main drivers used XRAY cars.

The final results were as follows:
1. Erik Dankel XRAY T2´007
2. Florian Bernklau XRAY T2´007
3. Staudinger Christian XRAY T2´007
4. Jan Dankel XRAY T2´007
5. Florian Ring XRAY T2´007
6. Scheffler Nico XRAY T2
7. Grauer Joachim XRAY T2
8. Pielenhofer Thomas XRAY T2´007

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Finally it was a great success for the whole XRAY team and we had also a lot of fun.
We were happy that the car handles so well with five cells and that it is possible to reach the weight limit, even with brushless.

So along with all XRAY drivers wish you a merry Christmas and a happy successful racing season in 2007.

Alex Stocker

Alex Stocker Set-up sheet.

Thomas GĂĽnsel Set-up sheet.