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 Part number: # 300000
 Released: Apr. 11, 2001
Stock status: 

Replaced by XRAY T1 EVO2 

New standard in electric touring class
The electric touring car class is the most popular in the world, and despite the huge amount competition in this market, a true top-competition car is missing. Designing the most advanced 1/10-scale 4WD electric touring car to date was a pretty ambitious project. It involved countless hours in the pits and in front of a computer screen.
The design was focused on using extraordinary materials to offer a responsive ride, luxurious elegant design, racing performance, and the finest quality.

The chassis features CNC-machined lightweight graphite chassis, upper deck, shock towers, battery straps, bumper holder and CNC-machined T6 duraluminum bulkheads (hard coated).

The chassis was designed to handle the most extreme conditions and to overcome serious crashes. The upper deck is designed to absorb the energy coming from a crash so the geometry of the car does not change. The chassis is ultra stiff.

Fully adjustable front suspension geometry:
The front suspension is fully adjustable: caster, camber, toe-in, anti-dive, ride height, down stop, track width.

Easily adjustable caster. Different caster clips offer convenient caster djustments. Ultra lightweight durable plastic parts designed specially for touring car racing.

Ball-bearing supported center-point steering with built-in servo saver. Servo saver rides on two ball-bearings covered by a special plastic cap that ensures wobble-free movement. Lightweight adjustable steering rods made of special spring steel ensure long life and absolute quality.

View of the front suspension.
The steering block is pretty tiny but strong, with ultra low mass. The 8.4 mm pivot balls are made of special spring steel, hardened then ground so the pivot balls provide low weight with very high durability and long life.

The XRAY smart battery holder is a clever system. The graphite battery straps feature an integrated captured fastener wheel for convenient battery fastening. No more clips are needed!

The rear adjustable turnbuckles are made of special spring steel - very long life, ultra low weight.

Rear camber links are road-optimized for perfect roll moment.