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 Part number: # 358561
 Released: May 10, 2005
Stock status: 

Replaced by Alu Clutch Shoe - Hard (3) 

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These new 1.71g clutch shoes are slightly lighter than the stock aluminum shoes, allowing the engine to spool up a bit more before the shoes grab the flywheel. The end result is a clutch that will engage later in the powerband giving more rip out of the corners.

WARNING: When using #358582 1.1mm Clutch Springs with these clutch shoes you have to slightly modify them - check the supplementary sheet in the "Download section".

Product Update: This product was updated and now will fit also the #358582 Clutch Springs 1.1mm. The new clutch shoes are labeled Alu Clutch Shoes - Light 1.71g for 1.1mm Springs (3) or Alu Clutch Shoes - Light 1.71g - CNC Machined (3).