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 Part number: # 305312
 Released: May 09, 2005
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CNC-machined hardcoated duraluminum rear wheel axles with hex hubs. Ultra-true, direct, wobble-free wheel mounting ensures “slop-free" wheel rotation. Wheel axles have been strategically lightened to reduce rotating mass without compromising strength.
The wheel axles feature a -1mm offset which means that they are 1mm shorter than standard wheel axles. Using the offset wheel axles will decrease the overall track width by 2mm that will make the car more reactive and responsive. Having shorter front track width will increase the steering.

These optional Wheel Axles can be used only in the rear on the original T1 and T1EVO2 cars. On all other T1 cars, these optional Wheel Axles can be used in both front and rear.