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 Part number: # 353180
 Released: May 10, 2005
Stock status: 
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Set of molded composite eccentric bushings for alu rear hub carriers #353355 and #353365. The eccentric bushings are used for rear suspension geometry adjustment. Exchanging the bushings allows 9 different geometry settings. Each bushing is marked for easy identification.

The set of bushings includes the following:
0 = no offset; hole in center of bushing
1 = hole offset 1mm from center
1.1 = hole offset 1mm vertical and 1mm horizontal from center
2 = 2° outboard toe-in bushing

Important: Always use the same bushing on left and rear alu rear hub and if you use an eccentric hole bushing (1, 1.1 and 2), left side must be opposite to the right side.