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 Part number: # 380200
 Released: Mar. 13, 2006
Stock status: 
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\"I have been a diehard nitro fan since my teenage years. When we designed XRAY M18, the micro 1/18 car, in the back of my mind I had an idea of creating something new, something revolutionary, something avant-garde --- a nitro powered 1/18 touring micro car. I have now made my dream come true.\"

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy, chief designer, XRAY

Main features: click to enlarge
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• the world\'s first 1/18 nitro touring car
• 4WD shaft-drive micro nitro car
• powerful 0.8cc nitro engine
• super fast - speed more than 50km/hour (30mph)
• easy to drive and handle
• excellent fun and RC enjoyment
• works with any standard RC fuel

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• drivetrain includes 18 high-speed bearings for maximum efficiency and speed
• ultra low center of gravity
• maximum drive train efficiency
• fully independent front and rear suspension
• front and rear gear differentials
• adjustable shock position for damping adjustment
• coil-over shocks for precise chassis handling
• adjustable body posts
• 30cc capacity fuel tank with hypertonic tank lid, and internal stone type filter
• CNC-machined Swiss T6 7075 aluminum 1.5mm chassis
• integrated 1-piece moulded radio tray
• accepts standard electronics

Technical specifications: click to enlarge
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• front width: adjustable 98-101mm
• rear width: adjustable 104-107mm
• length: 215 mm
• wheelbase: 150mm
• front/rear camber: -1° (present)
• front caster: 12° (preset)
• front toe: 0.5° toe-out preset (adjustable option)
• rear toe: 4° toe-in preset (adjustable option)
• down stops: front/rear down stops preset (adjustable option)
• ride height: 3~4mmm
• weight: 422 g
• approx. running weight: 530 g

Included: click to enlarge
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• XRAY NT18 engine 0.8cc & muffler
• set of foam tires
• 1/18 micro body 150mm
• front foam bumper

XRAY NT18 engine 0.8cc click to enlarge
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• uses standard model car fuel
• standard glow-plug design
• durable construction
• large, billet blue anodized aluminum heatsink
• slide adjustable carburator
• dual needle aluminum carburator
• 2 shoe aluminum clutch
• T6 aluminum flywheel
• polished muffler
• HUDY steel 23T clutch bell
• silicone fuel tubing

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