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 Part number: # 335500
 Released: Apr. 19, 2007
Stock status: 
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Complete 2-speed transmission set for NT1. Includes 54T and 59T molded composite spur gears, 2nd gear shoe set, alloy gear holders with integrated bearings, and all hardware.

Included parts listed in parts list section.

Parts included:
#335520 Carrier for 2-Speed Gear (2nd) - Alu 7075 T6 + Ball-Bearing
#335530 Drive Flange with One-Way Bearing - Alu 7075 T6
#335540 Composite 2-Speed Gear Box Shoe Set
#335554 Composite 2-Speed Gear 54T (2nd)
#335559 Composite 2-Speed Gear 59T (1st)
#335570 Adapter 2-Speed - Hudy Spring Steel™
#901305 Hex Screw SB M3x5 (10)
#903306 Hex Screw SFH M3x6 (10)
#908262 Hex Screw Socket Head Cap M2.5x12 (10)
#965050 E-Clip 5 (10)
#983404 Roller Pin 4x4mm (2)