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 Part number: # 331101
 Released: May 30, 2007
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XRAY is very proud to announce the new CNC-machined 4mm Swiss 7075 T6 alu chassis plate for the NT1. This chassis plate is thicker than the original chassis and features beveled lower outer edges, countersunk screw holes on the bottom surface, and other fine design features. Designed with stiffness in mind, the chassis plate has been strategically machined to reduce unnecessary weight without compromising strength or longevity.

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The thicker chassis alters the handling characteristics of the NT1; the increased rigidity improves handling on high-traction surfaces and makes the NT1 more reactive. Another significant advantage is that the thicker chassis concentrates the weight in the lowest CG area of the car – in the chassis – which reduces the need to install additional weights to keep the NT1 within weight limits. A great tuning aid for high-bite surfaces.

• Swiss 7075 T6 alu chassis - 4mm
• Precision CNC-machined
• Super-strong and extra stiff
• Beveled edges, countersunk screw holes
• Specially-machined and milled pockets to make all parts sit as low as possible
• Ultra-low CG
• Improves steering and reactiveness

Due the nature of the aluminum material and the machining process, it is normal that the chassis may be slightly bent in the longitudinal direction.