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 Part number: # 309901
 Released: Oct. 17, 2007
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XRAY always goes above and beyond even the most generous expectations when it comes to customer satisfaction, and this offer is nothing short of spectacular. XRAY now offers a limited-time exclusive customization of your XRAY Limited Edition Set-up Board by printing your own name, national flag & country name, and distributor FOR FREE at no additional charge. Show your colors and national pride as a true XRAY fan.

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Unique flat set-up board for 1/10 electric & nitro touring cars with stylish, full-colour XRAY graphics screen printed with your name and country flag.

The exterior finish is truly distinctive and unique: the colorful graphic design is specially printed on the aluminum surface using metallic colours. The large XRAY logo printed in the middle of the board is complimented by the stylish XRAY blue and orange graphics. A very thin protective foil is bonded to the board to protect it.

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• flat, warp-resistant set-up board suitable for setting up 1/10 electric touring cars
• Limited-edition unique set-up board measuring 290x425mm
• Unique and stylish colorful XRAY graphics
• Smooth, tough aluminum surface with special thin protective foil
• Wide enough to fit car and fitted setup system components
• Customizable based on individual orders: proudly display your name and country flag
• Thin and lightweight for easy transportation
• A “must have“ item for every XRAY fan

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The XRAY set-up board is very thin and lightweight to keep the weight as low as possible but at the same time the special core of the board with aluminum surface ensures that the board is ultra-true and flat to ensure perfect set-up measurements.

The edges of the board are covered with protective ABS which protects the board.

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The very special colors used are tricky at the same time. When the board is exposed to direct sunlight the color of the graphics changes but as soon the board is taken out of the direct sunlight the colors return to their original color.

The board‘s exterior may be cleaned with Benzene; the use of abrasive cleaners, motor sprays, RC fuel, or alcohol-based products is NOT recommended.

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XRAY goes beyond the limits. Again. Be unique, be authentic – have your name printed on the set-up board with your country flag or your team name. XRAY will print your name on the board to have your unique personalized set-up board to show your colors.. A “must have” for any XRAY fan.

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This is a very special limited-edition super-flat set-up board with a core of specially-pressed wood that ensures constant thickness and warp resistance. A very tough and flat aluminum top surface is bonded to the top of the board, ensuring an extremely flat and durable exterior.

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  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
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