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 Part number: # 381174
 Released: Dec. 06, 2007
Stock status: 
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Conversion set for XRAY M18T Micro Truck to convert it to the M18T PRO.

Includes the following high-quality XRAY authentic parts:
• Black graphite chassis & top deck
• Alu motor stand for optional #382052 Alu Motor Holder M18T
(not included, available separately)
• Alu collar for steering arm
• Composite antenna mount
• Battery backstops
• Optional battery strap post for 6-cell batteries
• PLUS all required hardware

NOTE: The following additional parts must be purchased to fully convert to a PRO version:
• #385524 Graphite Main Driveshaft M18T PRO
• #389755 Micro Body 1/18 Truck PRO

The following optional parts are also available:
• #385305 Drive Shaft M18T - Hudy Spring Steel™ (2) (you need 2 sets)