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 Part number: # 352302
 Released: Apr. 28, 2008
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Set of front lower suspension pin holders for XB808, made from tough composite.

Composite suspension holders are the lightest solution to keep weight as low as possible. These composite suspension holders also allow for suspension flex which is necessary to keep the car forgiving and easy-to-drive.

The no-compromise design and special composite mixture used for the holders ensure that they are able to withstand abusive impacts and big jumps while keeping the geometry unchanged.

Suspension geometry is fully optimized and integrated into the suspension holders, so say goodbye to being lost with setups. The suspension geometry has been optimized to ensure the best handling characteristics at typical tracks and standard racing conditions. The suspension holders feature 10° front kick-up. Both front and rear arms allow the use of wheelbase shims for quick and easy wheelbase adjustment.

To ensure highest strength and reliability in extreme racing conditions and big jumps or crashes, the highly-abused front suspension holder is reinforced with laser-cut hardened steel suspension reinforcement holder (#352317).

For extreme high-competition racing conditions or for advanced off-road racers, optional alu suspension holders are available to allow fine suspension tuning.