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 Part number: # 308302-O
 Released: Oct. 31, 2008
Stock status: 
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Set of parts to make two (2) complete XRAY shock absorbers (front or rear) for the XRAY T2’009, T3. Orange colour.

The T2’009, T3 feature shorter, race-proven, externally-adjustable racing shocks. The new shorter shock body and shock shaft were designed for improved suspension lift and lower CG.

External adjustability allows for quick & easy damping adjustment from 4 different damping settings without needing to disassemble the shock. The threaded shock bodies enable easy and fine ride-height adjustment. The shocks also feature foam membrane inserts for smoother operation. Shock rods are specially hardened to guarantee long life and maximum strength, and are polished for super-smooth operation.

The set come with all the necessary parts to build one pair of shocks (2 shocks). Springs and shock oil are not included and must be purchased separately.