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 Part number: # 371101
 Released: Feb. 23, 2009
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CNC-machined optional 4-cell chassis for XRAY XII made from 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with a specially-designed compound for carpet racing and asphalt racing. Chassis layout is optimally designed to provide proper stiffness for excellent handling, while being flexible enough
to generate good grip and traction. This thicker (harder) chassis is best
used in higher-traction conditions. Must be also used with #371141 graphite 2.5mm rear lower plate.

Knowing that every small detail impacts the handling and performance of a high-performance car, XRAY CNC-machines every graphite chassis component in-house using the most modern German milling machines. All machines are fully robotically operated and controlled to ensure that every chassis meets the tightest manufacturing tolerances.