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 Part number: # 305431
 Released: Oct. 21, 2001
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Ultra-Flex High-Performance Drive Belt
For top competition racing XRAY offers these specially modified high-performance drive belts. The belts are very thin and elastic as possible to create much more effective transmissions, save batteries and eliminate friction. The belt is specially modified - hand ground on a special machine so the belt is as thin as possible, but in such a way that it will still have long life.
"A must have item for serious racers."

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On the left side modified belt, on the right original one.
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The modifications to the belt ensure that it has been ground as thin as possible to increase the efficiency of transmission. However, this may decrease the life of the belt. Therefore we suggest that you use this optional belt only for competition racing; for fun racing use the standard kit belt.

To fully enjoy the benefits from these high-performance belts, be sure all the transmission's ball-bearings are absolutely clean and there is no undue drag or friction.