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 Part number: # 301110
 Released: Mar. 29, 2002
Stock status: 
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New CNC-machined graphite 6-cell chassis with the batteries either on the left side or right side. This chassis layout enables you to either use the various placements almost as on the standard chassis, but also to place all 6 cells along the left or right side.

Using this chassis it is suggested to purchase the new adjustable bulkheads (#302000) where the rear bulkheads have already modified slots that are required for using this 6-cell chassis or you can use a file to make a small slot on your rear bulkheads.

Be sure to have both sides of this chassis loaded with the same weight - therefore add the additional balancing weights at the right side of the chassis.

To secure the 6 batteries on this chassis, you will require part no. 306160 - Battery Mount Strap For 6-Cell Chassis.