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 Part number: # 330007
 Released: Jul. 18, 2012
Stock status: 
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Without doubt, the XRAY NT1 has been the most successful 1/10 nitro touring car in the world, capturing the World Champion title, 3x USA national titles, multiple European, European Junior and European "B" champion titles, Asian FEMCA Champion title, and countless national titles from all around the world. The NT1 platform earned these victories not only on the tracks, but also in the hearts of the media and public with the awarding of multiple Car of the Year and Reader's Choice Awards.

To celebrate the success of the NT1, you can now have your very own limited-edition NT1 PRO - fully loaded with all of the finest & best option parts - all for very special price. Get the NT1 tuned with all the greatest parts as used by the factory team this year, as it goes forward with the mission of capturing the European and World Championship titles.

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331180 Brass Chassis Weight Front 25g

331181 Brass Chassis Weight Rear 25g

332441 Anti-Roll Bar Front Female 0.7mm - Hudy Spring Steel™

332451 Anti-Roll Bar Front Male 0.7mm - Hudy Spring Steel™

333051 Alu Rear Bulkhead Cover

333401 Rear Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar - Set

334111 Lightweight Ventilated Brake Disc - CNC Machined - Hardened

334131 Glued Brake Pad Set - Ultra-Efficient (2)

334141 Alu Lightweight Brake Disk Adapter - Swiss 7075 T6

335072 Lightweight Diff. Outdrive Adapter - HUDY Spring Steel™ (2)

335073 Lightw. Diff. Outdrive Adapter Long - HUDY Spring Steel (2)

335081 Alu Differential Pin - Hard Coated (2)

335511 2-Speed Shaft - Lightweight

335521 Alu Lightw. Carrier for 2-Speed Gear (2nd) - 7075 T6 - V2

335531 Alu Lightweight Drive Flange W/One-Way B. - Swiss 7075 T6

335711 Front Middle Shaft - HUDY Spring Steel™ - Lightweight

338502 XCA (XRAY Centrifugal-Axial) Clutch Set - Reverse

335721 Alu Front Middle Shaft Holder

336080 Graphite Personal Transponder Bracket

338713 Alu Monoblock Engine Mount


In line with our policy of continuous product development, the exact specifications of the products may vary. Some kits may not include:

#331181 Brass Chassis Weight Rear 25g
#338713 Alu Monoblock Engine Mount.

However, they do include these parts instead:

335250 Alu Wheel Hub (2 x 2 pcs)
338712 Alu 1-Piece Engine Multi-Flex Mounting System

>>> Read complete XRAY NT1 2012 Specs presentation here <<<

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