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 Part number: # 302000
 Released: Mar. 29, 2002
Stock status: 

Replaced by Alu Susp. Adjust. Bulkheads - Factory Kit (4) 

Suspension Adjustable Bulkheads + Tool click to enlarge
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Alu Complete set of 4 alu suspension adjustable bulkheads, 4 eccentric nylon hubs, new plastic covers for ball-bearings. Purchasing this complete kit you get FREE new ball-bearings 6x10x3 and 5x9x3 with blue polyamid covers for easy servicing + you get a FREE duraluminum hub insertion/removal tool available only in this complete set.

CNC-machined, hard coated bulkheads with eccentric nylon hubs will enable you to adjust the tightness of the front and rear belts . The new nylon hubs have a small notch that sit in slots around the hole in the bulkhead; belt tightness is adjusted by rotating the hubs to different positions. The rear bulkheads also feature new nylon covers where the ball-bearings seat. The advantage of the nylon covers is that they will eliminate any ball-bearing tolerance differences, eliminating the possibility of a hard-turning middle shaft.

The rear bulkheads have additionally modified slots that are required for using the new 6-cell chassis.