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 Part number: # 358500
 Released: Mar. 05, 2013
Stock status: 
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High-Torque Clutch set for XB8 is an important performance upgrade. The clutch provides a smoother and more continuous transfer of power from engine at very high RPM. The clutch engages higher in RPM range, resulting in more controllable power during acceleration, while still maintaining good handling and performance on jumps. The updated design and engagement profile also provide for extended clutch life.

The High Torque Clutch set includes:
#358532 Flywheel - flywheel has a smaller diameter but increased weight. With the smaller diameter, the flywheel is more protected above the chassis bottom, so after huge jumps there is reduced chance of engine stoppages when the car lands on a rock or other hard surface. The increased weight results in more balanced engine operation.

#358564 Alu Clutch Shoe - Hard (3) - Harder aluminum clutch shoes allows for faster clutch engagement and higher cornering speeds.

#358550 Flywheel Nut - tough HUDY Spring Steel nut for securing flywheel to engine crankshaft.

#358588 Springs - Medium - Medium clutch springs for High-Torque clutch allows for a good overall engagement point, though with slightly different characteristics compared to earlier springs.

The clutch bell is not included. Standard clutch bells fit:

#358512 Clutch Bell 12T
#358513 Clutch Bell 13T
#358514 Clutch Bell 14T


#358525 XB808 Clutch Bell 15T with Oversized 5x12x4MM Ball-Bearings - V2
#358526 XB808 Clutch Bell 16T with Oversized 5x12x4MM Ball-Bearings - V2
#358527 XB808 Clutch Bell 17T with Oversized 5x12x4MM Ball-Bearings - V2
#358528 XB808 Clutch Bell 18T with Oversized 5x12x4MM Ball-Bearings - V2