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 Part number: # 332012
 Released: Sep. 04, 2013
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Molded composite lower & upper front RIGHT bulkhead set. The front bulkheads were redesigned to accommodate the new front wire anti-roll bar system. Molded from new hard material, these bulkheads are recommended for high traction and high temperatures.

The super-lightweight bulkheads have a very clean and lightweight design to create the lowest weight and CG, making the NT1 easy to service while retaining easy access to all parts. The bulkheads create a super-solid platform where all parts are mounted. A special composite mixture was developed to allow repetitive assembly/disassembly without stressing or wearing out the parts.

The main advantage of the composite bulkheads is that they absorb vibrations from the engine and create a natural flex, all of which help to make the NT1 one of the best handling nitro touring cars.