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 Part number: # 360001
 Released: Oct. 11, 2013
Stock status: 

Replaced by XRAY XB4 2015 Specs 

It is time for the all-new XRAY 1/10 buggy,
the new XB4...the new trend setter...the new beast to beat.

It's time to raise the bar in the 1/10 buggy class. It is time to bring high quality, high performance and premium support & service to the 1/10 buggy category. It is time for the all-new XRAY 1/10 buggy, the new XB4...the new trend setter...the new beast to beat.

"To create an all new platform in a new class is the most demanding and difficult task for an RC car designer. The benefit is that since you are starting from zero there are no limitations other than your imagination.

To design and develop this buggy was an incredibly challenging project. Nearly 2 years were spent in prototyping and development and the XRAY factory off-road team has tested many different designs and configurations ranging from conservative to crazy.

I am very happy and very proud to present you the final design chosen after extensive testing around the world in various conditions by some of the world's best drivers and backed-up with the artistic craftsmanship of our in-house XRAY factory production specialists. Designed, developed and fully manufactured in Slovakia, Europe, with XRAY's legendary attention to the details, fine materials and extreme performance, I am excited to present you the all-new XB4."

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
XRAY XB4 designer

2014 All-new Features:
• All-new chassis frame
• All-new arm design
• All-new smart SFATM (Suspension Flex Adjustment)
• All-new SFATM graphite stiffeners for suspension arms (option)
• All-new narrow rear arms with 2mm wheelbase shims
• All-new narrow front arms with 2mm wheelbase shims
• All-new weight balance adjustment
• All-new variable rear shock mounting
• All-new lightweight slipper clutch plates
• All-new slipper clutch pads SLS
• All-new stronger slipper clutch spring
• All-new front wheels with +1mm offset
• Reinforced front bulkhead
• Reinforced rear bulkhead
• Reinforced front shock tower
• Reinforced rear shock tower
• Reinforced diff outdrive adapters
• Reinforced diff bevel gear
• Reinforced ball joints
• Updated top deck
• Shock O-rings included
• Front shock tower protector included

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