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 Part number: # 300901
 Released: Sep. 22, 2002
Stock status: 
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Front and Rear Alu C-hub Suspension
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Freedom of choice!
XRAY raises the T1's level of perfection even higher by introducing a new optional C-hub suspension.

This superb new optional C-hub suspension gives a slightly softer ride, and is a great way to set up your T1 for different racing conditions.

It gives you an extra tuning option from the excellent original pivotball suspension to optimize the T1's handling to your requirements. This new optional suspension features ultrahigh quality CNC-machined alloy parts and new molded arms. It's up to you to use the original pivotball suspension, or this excellent new C-hub suspension; you have the freedom of choice!

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All Parts For Alu C-hub Suspension
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Each set includes every part needed to assemble the suspension and mount it on the car. This way you can keep the assembled pivotball suspension aside, and very quickly exchange if needed.

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XRAY Original Packing
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A great advantage of the new suspension is that you can combine the suspension as needed to adapt the handling of the T1 to different conditions. You can use pivotball suspension in rear and C-hub suspension in front, or vice-versa. XRAY brings you freedom of choice; drive either pivotball suspension or C-hub suspension.

The suspension is available either as complete set of front and rear suspension (#300901), or only the front suspension set (#300921) or only the rear suspension (#300931).

It's easy, it's smart, it's XRAY!