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 Part number: # 336112
 Released: Apr. 16, 2014
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Multi-Flex™ radio plate has been redesigned to allow mounting of the new center body mount. Features increased clearance around the fuel tank for more movement.

Radio plate flex can be now adjusted independently from chassis flex to allow super-fine tuning.

Using different bushings in the rear, the radio plate can be mounted fixed or allowing for flex. Fixed radio plate mounting is recommended for high-traction conditions, while the flex setting is recommended for low-traction tracks to generate more traction.

Front optional graphite radio plate brace allows stiffening of the front part of radio plate and changes the flex characteristics of the radio plate as well. Without the brace, the radio plate provides a lot of in-corner steering. The brace makes the car more stable and easier to drive under high-grip conditions, or when tire additive is used.

The muffler mounting system was redesigned as well, being removed from the radio plate and incorporated into the front middle shaft mount. This helps to eliminate the negative influence of flex. Now the radio plate flexes more equally to both sides which improves consistency and, as it allows more flex in the front, also provides for more in-corner steering.