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 Part number: # 336113
 Released: Mar. 30, 2015
Stock status: 
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Redesigned radio plate accommodates the new aluminum bulkheads.

Features a new Multi-Flex™ adjustment point via the radio plate bushing in the server saver area… a brand new and very useful new feature. By using the bushing, the fixed setting is activated; by removing the bushing, the screw is directly mounted on the servo saver post and the whole front suspension has increased flex.

The fixed setting is recommended when there is sufficient in-corner steering. To increase in-corner steering, the flex setting can be easily adjusted. The radio plate allows mounting of the center body mount, and there is more space around the fuel tank to allow more movement.

The radio plate is an integral part of Multi-Flex™ settings, and allows for very quick & easy flex adjustment. Bushings on the back of the radio plate allow it to be attached to the mounts either rigidly or with an allowance for flex. The ‘rigidly fixed’ setting is recommended for high-traction conditions; the ‘flex’ setting is recommended for low-traction conditions to generate more traction.