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 Part number: # 308380
 Released: Nov. 27, 2002
Stock status: 
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For even more fine tuning of suspension dampening, XRAY offers an additional set of ultra-fine tuning springs in addition to the basic set (#308390) of XRAY springs. The ultra-fine tuning springs have different damping and compression characteristics that fall between the range of the springs in the basic set.

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XRAY also offers additional ultra precision tuning springs. While the basic spring set provides maximum tuning possibilities for every track, the additional springs are another step forward by providing additional springs that fall between the range of basic springs (#308390).

For standard racing: basic spring set (#308390).
For top competition racing: basic spring set + additional springs you will need for your track.

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Or you can purchase the ultra-fine tuning springs as the following individual sets:

#308384 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.5 (15 LB) Blue-Green (4)
#308385 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.6 (20 LB) Light-Blue (4)
#308386 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.7 (25 LB) Dark-Blue (4)
#308387 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.8 (30 LB) Light-Purple (4)
#308388 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.9 (35 LB) Light-Red (4)