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 Part number: # 301139
 Released: Sep. 11, 2015
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Newly-redesigned chassis fits the new motor mount plate to allow for more chassis flex adjustment.

The ultra-narrow chassis is only 86mm wide and with the variety of chassis flex adjustment generates remarkable traction and gives excellent steering characteristics. The chassis design helps the T4’16 to easily adapt to all track conditions.

The 2.2mm chassis is CNC-machined from premium-grade graphite material. The chassis features pre-drilled holes for optional parts such as chassis weights, graphite motor guard, graphite adjustable battery holder, and battery strap.

Weight distribution and balance characteristics have been optimized. Due to the increase in LiPo capacity – resulting in additional weight and heavier electronics to handle the increased power of modern brushless systems – the chassis was redesigned to move the weight as close as possible to the chassis centerline in order to maintain proper balance.