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 Part number: # 373086
 Released: Jul. 19, 2018
Stock status: 
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CNC-machined rear brace for XRAY X12’19 made from 2.5mm premium-grade graphite material. The graphite brace is flexible yet rigid enough to withstand serious crashes and significantly reduces tweak of the rear pod. To keep the lowest possible CG, the brace is positioned in the lowest possible position.

Completely redesigned to allow for a wider range of battery placement adjustment as well as featuring a new O-ring battery mounting system. Groves for the O-ring prevent the battery from moving. This battery mounting system make it very easy to remove or insert the battery; battery tape is not needed anymore.

The rear link brace has a narrow design that helps to move weight more into the chassis centerline and give lower weight.

The graphite rear link brace holds the side tubes as well as the side springs and body posts, and works as a backstop for the battery pack.