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 Part number: # 333027
 Released: Mar. 18, 2019
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Aluminum rear LEFT bulkhead redesigned to work with redesigned flex adjustment system. The bulkheads are prolonged under the 2-speed axle but there is 0.5 space between the chassis and bulkheads to eliminate touching. They can be connected together if the steel spacers are inserted. The mounting of the bulkheads to the suspension holder is still present. The bulkheads have special cutouts for precise centering into the suspension holder.

Redesigned to fit the updated anti-roll bar composite bushing which extends the life of the bulkheads.

All bulkhead parts are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, and have been designed to provide the lightest and strongest possible support framework for the car with maximum flex characteristics for increased traction.

The bulkheads are anodized in a distinctive orange color, and XRAY’s legendary attention to detail is noticeable in all the precisely-chamfered edges.

Color may slightly vary between products.