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 Part number: # 364941
 Released: Dec. 17, 2019
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Precision-machined 41T differential bevel for large volume gear differential specially designed to use on the XB4 when smaller front tires are used. The 41T bevel gear will result in an overdrive characteristics that will help to compensate for the larger rear tires.

XRAY's unique split design of the gear differential features a separate lightweight crown gear and a separate diff cover. The split design results in significantly lower weight and improves the service comfort.

The crown gear is CNC-machined from Hudy Spring Steel™ and ultra-hardened making it super strong, reliable and with much higher life span.

In case there is a damage to the pinion gear there is high chance that also the crown gear was damaged even the damage is not visible. Therefore if pinion gear is exchanged then also crown gear must be carefully inspected and rather exchanged. Very important is also the gear mesh and how the diff is shimmed out in the bulkhead.

Fits: XB4’20

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