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 Part number: # 373027
 Released: Nov. 28, 2019
Stock status: 
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Redesigned LEFT rear bulkhead to work with the independent wing mount system. The updated design allows to lower the diff position by 0.5mm for greater range of ride height adjustments. Reinforced design to eliminate the chance of bending in crashes

CNC-machined LEFT rear bulkhead made from premium extra-strong Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, black coated for long life and stylish look. Strategically machined for reduced weight while retaining strength. The tiny rear bulkheads including the upper bulkhead clamps are significantly lower and lighter, giving ultra-low CG of the rear suspension.

Designed for very quick & easy ride height adjustment. No more hassle to dismount the car to change the rear ride height! The included ride height shims are inserted between the bulkhead and upper bulkhead clamp to alter ride height: smart & easy.

The ride height adjustment allows ultra-fine adjustment by 0.25mm increments, in comparison to the previous 0.5mm increments using eccentric bushings.

Must be used with right rear bulkhead #373017.