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 Part number: # 376234
 Released: Nov. 28, 2019
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Graphite top deck redesigned to work with chassis with the front wheelbase adjustment. The top deck allows for longitudinal flex adjustment.

There are three longitudinal flex possibilities: top deck with tightened nut, top deck with loosened nut, or no top deck.

Thanks to this new flex adjustment feature, the car can be easily set for different traction conditions or tires.

The top deck with tightened nut eliminates longitudinal chassis flex and makes the car easier to drive in high-traction conditions or when softer tires are used. The top deck increases steering response, but at the same time is more forgiving as it makes the car more precise.

The top deck with loosened nut is a compromise between very little and a lot of longitudinal flex. This setting is recommended on medium traction conditions as it makes the steering response a bit less but improves mid-corner steering and provides better on/off power feeling.

Using no top deck is recommended for low-traction tracks as it provides greatest mid-corner steering.

The top deck features also hole which allows mounting the shock adaptor when the long-shock configuration is used.