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 Part number: # 346114
 Released: May 21, 2020
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Graphite radio plate to work with redesigned aluminum bulkheads, fuel tank, and steering servo mounting system.

The radio plate is CNC-machined from 2.5mm graphite material and the design allows for easy removal of the entire radio plate (with all electronics) for quick & easy servicing and cleaning.

The flex of the radio plate can now be adjusted independently from the chassis flex, giving more fine tuning options. Using the bushings at the rear, the radio plate can be mounted to its mounts with either fixed position or with flex. The fixed setting is recommended for high-traction conditions; the flex setting is recommended for low-traction tracks.

The front Multi-Flexâ„? is adjusted via radio plate bushing in the servo saver area. When the bushing is used, the setting has a fixed position; when the bushing is removed, the screw is directly mounted on the servo saver post and the entire front suspension has increased flex. The fixed setting is recommended when there is sufficient in-corner steering; the flex setting is recommended for increased in-corner steering.