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 Part number: # 352625
 Released: Jul. 23, 2020
Stock status: 
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Adjustable left & right M5 turnbuckles manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel material for turnbuckles, resulting in stronger turnbuckles with a tougher core. Additionally heat treated for maximum strength, reliability, and long life. Length of 46mm. Set of 2.

Shorter turnbuckle that works with the ball joint 352150 - Composite Front Upper Arm Ball Joint.

Direct replacement for 352621 - Adjustable Turnbuckle 58mm M5 L/R - HUDY Spring Steel that was working with the ball joint 352151 - XB8 Composite Front Upper Arm Ball Joint.

Replacement for GTXE.3, GTX8.3, XB8 C-HUB