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 Part number: # 372920
 Released: Aug. 11, 2021
Stock status: 
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Bulkheads feature a 1-piece tweak-free design which is more rigid and robust. The updated lower profile of the bulkheads and redesigned upper plate help to reduce the overall CG of the assembly.

Bulkheads feature centering pins on the top surface that align the upper pod plate during assembly and prevent movement between the components during a crash. To further enhance the assembly's strength and resistance to tweak, the upper pod plate now uses 4 mounting screws to secure it to the bulkheads

The 1 piece bulkheads in the X10 utilize eccentric bushing inserts for the rear axle height adjustment.

The alu bulkheads allow for very quick & easy ride height adjustment using eccentric axle holder bushings. The axle height is adjustable in 1/2mm increments over a 5mm range.

Must be used with right rear bulkhead #372910