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 Part number: # 376322
 Released: Aug. 11, 2021
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Graphite side braces are mounted to the rear brace, and to the chassis via aluminum posts, and offer 4 flex setting alternatives to adjust the chassis characteristics for different track conditions.

The side braces allow for the following tuning options:

SOFT - the side braces are not used - recommended for low- to medium-traction carpet, and asphalt. Generates more mechanical grip.

MEDIUM - braces installed, attached at middle & rear only. This setting is a good compromise between mechanical grip and steering response. Ideal for most conditions.

MEDIUM-STIFF - braces installed, attached at middle-front, middle, and rear. This setting is recommended for medium-high to high traction conditions.

STIFF - braces installed, attached at all positions. This is the stiffest, most stable setting. Recommended for high-traction carpet (such as US black carpet). The car will have less roll but will also have less overall grip.