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 Part number: # 325123
 Released: Jul. 14, 2021
Stock status: 
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XRAY Active Diff segments are CNC-machined from very tough steel, and have very precisely-machined \'V\' ramp grooves with 60° angle for easy engagement/disengagement. The segment is hardened to ensure long life and durability. The segments are laser engraved with \"60°\" for easy and instant recognition. Set of 2.

The 60° segments provide a very good balance of performance between on- and off-power. On-power the diff becomes hard after a delay. Off-power the diff becomes free after a delay. For use on low traction tracks.

Active Differential Segments are available in three different alternatives:
#352123 - 60°
#352125 - 90°
#352127 - 120°

Active Differential Segments fit:
#325100 - Active Differential for XB2/XT2/SCX

#365100 - Active Differential for XB4/XT4 Font/Rear

#365101 - Active Differential for XB4/XT4 Center