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 Part number: # 303757
 Released: Mar. 29, 2022
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The X4F motor and layshaft mounts are integrated into a one-piece design that is placed on the absolute center line of the chassis. The motor mount has a pressed-in steel layshaft axle with the motor located to the front of the layshaft. The motor mount is designed to maintain a super low CG but is still robust enough to resist bending in serious crashes. The robust design reinforces the chassis and improves the stability of the X4F.

The top of the motor mount features special milled holes to match the machined ultra-precise top deck screws made in-house. These purpose-made screws ensure the top deck is mounted completely tweak-free to improve the flex characteristics.

An aluminum eccentric bulkhead insert is accessible through a cutout in the mount and is adjusted from the top for easier gear mesh adjustment.

Positioned closer to the front of the X4F, the new motor mount location creates a better F/R weight balance.

The lower part of the motor mount features machined centering pins that are inserted in the chassis for easy assembly and to ensure it does not shift in a crash.
Machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and black anodized.

Fits X4F