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 Part number: # 330017
 Released: May 03, 2023
Stock status: 
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Check out full detailed presentation of the all new NT1'23.

See the beautiful presentation of the XRAY NT1'23 here

2023 All-new Features.
??? All-new chassis with narrowed front suspension pivots increases stability & traction
??? Hard composite suspension arms combined with the improved central chassis flex keeps the suspension geometry stable while the flex is transferred through chassis and radio plate to maintain traction
??? Narrower front and rear suspension holders for improved traction and stability
??? Lower down-stop mounting holders without the eccentric geometry make the car easier to set suspension down-stops
??? All-new front aluminum bulkheads accommodate new upper arm holder with adjustable flex
??? Redesigned front upper arm holder features new roll center positions in all 9 positions
??? Ultra-compact and super lightweight receiver box moves the weight lower and closer to the center of the chassis
??? Radio plate with new servo holders moves the throttle servo more rearwards, the steering servo more frontwards and receiver box with a more central location
??? Servo saver stand with key lock design
??? Fuel tube holders allows to be mounted directly on the radio plate for a clean look
??? Simplified aluminum 2-speed shaft holders eliminate unnecessary braces to make the chassis more flexible, while the wider positioning provide improved support for the 2 speed shaft
??? Pulley collar is optimized for the fixed position of the pulley on the 2-speed shaft
??? New rear aluminum bulkheads have a 2mm front/rear wheelbase adjustment for easy traction tuning depending on the track conditions. Front position more traction, rear position more stability
??? Longer rear suspension pins for wide range of wheelbase adjustment
??? Both redesigned rear suspension holders and milled pockets in the chassis plate reduce the lowest pin position to generate more traction when needed
??? Anti-roll bar bearing bushings front and rear for different thickness of anti-roll bars
??? New redesigned rear anti-roll bar wire to accommodate narrower suspension and new shape eliminates any collision