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Car setup can be a difficult and controversial step in getting your car to its maximum performance. Even if you have extensive knowledge of your car and know all the theories on handling dynamics, this knowledge is still tedious to use in practice because of the inherent complexity in the set-up process itself. Your new T1 EVO2 touring car with fully independent suspension features the highest number of adjustments possible to get the most performance out of any track condition. Setting the car is necessary to make the car perform well. We have developed these straight-forward procedures to help you set up your T1 EVO2 properly and easily. Always follow these procedures step-by-step, in the order presented, and always make sure that you make equal adjustments on both left and right sides of the car.

The set-up described here is a good starting point, but you may adjust the settings to better suit different track conditions. Only change one thing at a time, in order to get a better understanding of what consequence each change has on the handling of the car. Remember to document all the changes you make, and the effect they have on your car and lap times.

XRAY publishes new set-up information, hot tuning tips, and the latest hop-ups for your T1 EVO2 on the www.teamxray.com website. XRAY, as a member of www.myTSN.com, publishes all news at the myTSN.com RC portal. As a proud owner of a T1 EVO2, you can register your car at myTSN.com and you may post your own set-ups to the website, either as public or private data, and even link the set-ups directly to a particular track or event (providing that those are present on myTSN.com).

In the following pages we have used the tools and accessories listed below for perfect and optimal adjustment:
#10 8201 HUDY Set-up Board for 1/10
#10 8211 HUDY Set-up Board Decal for 1/10
#10 9300 HUDY Universal Set-up for All 1/10 Touring Cars
#10 7702 HUDY Chassis Droop Gauge Support Blocks
#10 7712 HUDY Chassis Droop Gauge -3 to 10 mm
#10 7715 HUDY Ride Height Gauge
#10 7610 HUDY Caster Clip Remover Tool
#10 7880 HUDY Chassis Balancing Tool
#18 1030 HUDY 3mm Turnbuckle Tool

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Set-up Book Sections
   Chassis Preparation  
   Radio Adjustment  
   Speed Control Adjustment  
   Connect The Motor  
   Battery And Speed Control Placement  
   Receiver Placement  
   Motor Gearing  
   Differential Adjustment  
   One-way Pulley Adjustment  
   One-way Front Differential (available option)  
   Tires & Inserts  
   Bodies & Aerodynamics  
   Ride Height  
   Anti-Roll bars (available option)  
   Ackermann And Steering Throw Symmetry  
   Front Anti-dive  
   Caster Angle  
   Driving Camber  
   Toe-in & Toe-out  
   Rear Anti-squat  
   Checking For Suspension Tweak  
   Chassis Balancing  
   Maintenance & Tips