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Caster Angle
Caster angle is the angle between an imaginary line connecting the top pivot ball and the bottom pivot ball of the steering block, with respect to a line perpendicular to the ground. Caster angle affects on- and off-power steering, as it will tilt the chassis more or less depending on how much caster is applied.
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Less caster (more vertical) increases OFF-power steering INTO a corner, but decreases straight-line stability.
More caster (more laid-down) increases ON-power steering OUT OF a corner, and increases straight-line stability, but makes the car harder to turn in.

The caster angle is adjusted with nylon spacers which are inserted either in front of or behind the upper front suspension arm. More spacers in front of the arm will increase the caster angle; less spacers will decrease the caster angle.

Use the table below as guideline for serring the caster angle. Use clips 3, 2 and 1 mm. The clips indicated are used before the arm and the rest behind the arm.

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Initial setting:
Front caster: 2mm gap (2mm shim in front of the upper arm, 1+3 mm shims behind)

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