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The composite material is sensitive to very high temperatures. Prolonged exposure to very high temperatures will damage the composite and may cause it to deform. For example, do not leave the T1R in a sealed car during hot days. The composite material is also sensitive to prolonged exposure to water. If you race the car in wet conditions, thoroughly dry the chassis after each run; we recommend using compressed air. If water remains in the chassis, the composite material will absorb the water which may result in tweaked composite components.
In the event the chassis is exposed to extreme conditions and it becomes slightly distorted (not perfectly flat) there is no need to worry. The unique construction of the car, thanks to the ultra-stiff duraluminum bulkheads and top deck, will negate any tweaking effects so the car will suffer no performance loss.

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Set-up Book Sections
   Radio Adjustment  
   Speed Control (ESC) Adjustment  
   Connecting The Motor  
   Motor Gearing  
   Differential Adjustment  
   One-Way Pulley (available option)  
   One-Way Front Differential (available option)  
   Front Solid Axle (available option)  
   Tires, Wheels, and Inserts  
   Body Aerodynamics  
   Track Width  
   Ride Height  
   Ackermann and Steering Throw Symmetry  
   Front Anti-Dive  
   Toe-In & Toe-Out  
   Rear Anti-Squat  
   Anti-Roll Bars (available option)  
   Checking for Tweak  
   Chassis Balancing  
   Fake Transponder  
   Maintenance & Tips