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Length: 562 mm
Chassis length: 440 mm
Width: 428 mm front; 430 mm rear
Wheelbase: 368~372 mm
Weight: 2522 g
Ready-to-run weight: 3870 g
Chassis: CNC-machined Swiss T6 7075 hardcoated aluminum
Radio tray: CNC-machined Swiss T6 7075 aluminum
Front upper deck: CNC-machined Swiss T6 7075 aluminum
Central diff upper deck: CNC-machined Swiss T6 7075 aluminum
Braces: Composite braces (front / rear)
Type: Fully adjustable suspension featuring I.S.S. (Integrated Suspension Settings™ )
Rear supension: Lower H-arm with adjustable upper camber link
Front suspension: C-hub suspension with I.A.C. (Integrated Adjustable Caster™)
Damping: Machined aluminum, oil-filled coil-over shocks with 3.5mm shafts and rubber shaft covers
Type: Full-time shaft-drive 4WD w/ center differential
Primary: Steel spur gear / clutch bell
Drive shafts: CVD drive shafts - Hudy Spring Steel™
Differentials: Sealed, 6 gear, silicone-filled
Clutch: Aluminum 3-shoe
Pinion/Spur: 10/43
Primary Ratio: 4.3:1
Internal Ratio: 3.69:1
Final Gear Ratio: 15.88:1
Body, Tires & Wheels
Body: XRAY XT8 body
Tires: XRAY Truggy Thrax tires
Wheels: XRAY Truggy Dish wheels, , standard 17mm hub, offset 19.5
Fuel tank: 150cc capacity with hypertonic tank lid and internal stone-type filter
Adjustment Possibilities
  Camber, Caster, Toe-in, Front Inboard Toe-out, Wheelbase, Front Anti-dive,
Also Included
Universal tool: For all nuts, turnbuckles and shock clips
Items Not Included  
  Transmitter, Receiver, Steering & Throttle servo, .21 Nitro Engine, Manifold, Exhaust, Starter Box & Battery Pack, Glow Plug Igniter, Battery Charger & Transmitter Batteries, 5-cell Receiver Pack, Switch, Personal Transponder, Grease, Threadlock & CA Glue, Fuel, Lexan Paint, Tools