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Class: 1/10 nitro touring car
Length w/o body: 381 mm
Chassis length: 341 mm
Wheelbase: 258~260 mm
Width: adjustable 197~200 mm
Weight: 945 g
Ready-to-run weight: 1630 g
Chassis: CNC-machined 3.0 mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
Shock towers: machined laminated carbon graphite (front 2.5 mm + rear 3.5 mm) with multiple shock mounting and camber link roll center positions
Radio tray: machined laminated carbon graphite 2.5 mm
Type: triple belt, 4WD
Final drive ratio (FDR): 2-speed: 1st 7.56; 2nd 5.27 (at 1:1 overdrive)
Front differential: sealed, silicone-filled gear diff
Rear differential: sealed, silicone-filled gear diff
Drive axle: front CVD drive shafts - Hudy Spring Steel™ rear dogbone drive shafts - Hudy Spring Steel™
Suspension: pivot ball suspension
Shocks: machined aluminum, oil-filled, coil-over shocks shortened for improved suspension travel
Pinion gear (std): hardcoated alu 1st: 16T ; 2nd: 21T
Spur gear (std): molded composite 1st: 59T ; 2nd: 54T
Arms: standard
Ride height: adjustable front + rear
Camber: adjustable front + rear
Caster: adjustable front
Toe: adjustable front + rear
Downstops: adjustable front + rear
Roll center: adjustable front + rear
Ackermann: adjustable front
Front anti-roll bars: free of choice - adjustable blade style or wire style 2.0 mm
Rear anti-roll bar: wire style 2.0 mm
Wheels: not included
Instructions: full-color Instruction Manual with 3D graphics
Set-up book: 2-color Set-Up Book (39 pages) – not included, available for download only together with set-up sheet
Packaging: carton box with vinyl bags with parts
Additionally included: Authentication Certificate, parts list & exploded view, decals
Not included: radio system (transmitter and receiver), personal transponder, steering & throttle servos, engine, manifold & exhaust, starter box & starter box battery pack, receiver battery pack, glowplug igniter, battery charger, 1/10-scale bodyshell (200 mm), wheels & tires, Lexan® paint, model R/C car fuel (nitromethane), tape, air filter & oil, CA glue, bearing oil, medium-grade (blue) threadlock, tire truer, tools