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General Tips

Tips & Tricks for T1 - Lesson #01
Welcome to Tips & Tricks

So far we have received only positive responses about the T1 chassis. All our customers are very surprised and absolutely satisfied with the overall quality of the car, its ease of building, and of course its racing performance. However, since we fully expect that some drivers will have some questions, we have decided to regularly publish this Tips & Tricks section that will address the common questions of T1 racers.

The Most Important Tip Of All!
With your T1 you have also received a 32-page, full-color Set-Up Book. We have spent a great deal of effort to prepare for you this exhaustively informative publication; it is REALLY worth reading from beginning to end. In it we clearly describe all the set-up possibilities in detail, how these set-ups influence the car's behavior, what maintanance you need to perform to care about for the chassis, and other very useful information.

We STRONGLY advise you to read the Set-Up Book before you send us any questions, since most of your questions will probably be addressed and answered in this publication. This will help avoid any frustration for you, and possibly get you back racing without delay!

Belt tension - Check the Tautness
The belts should not be taut like a guitar string. They should be loose enough that you can wobble the belt up and down, but tight enough that the belt does not slip off a pulley under braking or acceleration.

The belts are manufactured with a certain tolerance, therefore one may simply work better than another one. If the belt is too taut, simply stretch it with your hands a little bit.

Front wheelaxle crash click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
By a really extreme crash, there may happen that the ring of the ball-bearing inside the front hub (on that the wheelaxle turns) may tilt out of the assembly.
Quick solution: simply press the ring back.
Advised solution: exchange this ball-bearing for a new (#30 9050 - Ball-bearing 10x15x4 mm)

Once again, this situation can happen only by an extreme crash, due the ball-bearing's construction (small balls inside and the groove round for these balls).

Ball-bearings - KEEP THEM CLEAN!!! click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
The cleanliness of ball-bearings is extremely important to ensure that your T1 maintains maximum performance. Be sure that your ball-bearings turn very easily and are always clean. Regularly check the ball-bearings that support the ball-differentials and wheel axles, and also the ball-bearings that support the main layshaft.

Shocks - Correct Assembly Required click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
This is really a hot topic. Do the adjustable shocks work, and how do you assemble them correctly?
We have heard stories about how the car itself was not working properly, when close scrutiny revealed that the culprit was improperly built shocks. How do you avoid this situation? Pay attention while assembling the shocks.

The T1 uses Serpent's "4-clicker" externally adjustable shocks. When assembled CORRECTLY - and this is the point - these shocks work perfectly. However, like a precision instrument, the Serpent shocks are pretty demanding of correct assembly.

We advise you to read an article written by Milko Tenthof about the proper assembly of "Winning shocks": myTSN

It is important to note that the length of the front shocks for the T1 should be 68mm, and the rear shocks 77mm.

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