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XB808'11 Alu Chassis CNC Machined (3mm)

CNC-machined chassis for XB808’11 made from high-quality Swiss 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum, strategically machined in low-stress areas to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity. Hardcoated at XRAY’s own in-house fully robotic hardcoating line, ensuring a perfect hardcoated surface every time. 

Front & Rear Bumper - V2

Tough composite bumpers for XB8. Set of two (front / rear). 

Composite Rear Brace - V2

Rear brace made from tough molded composite. Extra-robust composite braces are keyed to the chassis, guaranteeing overall chassis stiffness but still being flexible enough to allow the car to generate sufficient grip and provide the desired steering characteristics. 

Hex Screw SH M3x12 (10)

M3x12 button-head machine screw, hex drive. Set of 10 pieces. 

Hex Screw SFH M3x12 (10)

M3x12 flat-head machine screw, hex drive. Set of 10 pieces.


Hex Screw SFH M4x12 (10)

M4x12 flat-head machine screw, hex drive. Set of 10 pieces.

Nut M3 (10)

M3 nylock nut. Set of 10 pieces. 

ID Product Name Released
351104 XB808'11 Alu Chassis CNC Machined (3mm) Feb. 17, 2011
353088 Composite Rear Brace - V2 Feb. 17, 2011
351200 Front & Rear Bumper - V2 Aug. 01, 2004
902312 Hex Screw SH M3x12 (10) Jul. 30, 2004
903312 Hex Screw SFH M3x12 (10) Jul. 30, 2004
903412 Hex Screw SFH M4x12 (10) Jul. 30, 2004
960030 Nut M3 (10) Jul. 30, 2004