2016 All-new Specs

  • All-new chassis
  • All-new rear pod plate
  • All-new rear pod upper plate
  • All-new rear link brace
  • All-new narrower design
  • All-new weight balance
  • All-new straight side springs
  • All-new orange aluminum parts


  • XRAY 1/10 pan-car with authentic 100% self-developed XRAY parts, designed and manufactured parts by XRAY in Europe
  • Legendary XRAY premium design, workmanship & material quality and unmatched attention to the finest details
  • Simple yet effective and proven design, well thought-out details, unmatched precision of all small details
  • High-competition design with focus on ultra-low weight, resulting in super-lightweight construction
  • Optimized for indoor carpet racing as well as outdoor asphalt racing


  • CNC-machined from 2.5mm high-grade graphite material
  • New ultra-narrow chassis designed for short battery packs improves steering response and overall traction on all track surfaces
  • Increased torsional stability results in increased grip while eliminating tire scrubbing in high-speed corners, and better bump handling
  • New mounting holes allow long-shock mounting alternative for increased on-power traction and drivability over bumps
  • Chassis layout designed to give sufficient stiffness for excellent handling, but flexible enough to generate sufficient grip and traction
  • Battery placement in either forward or rearward position, secured by composite battery holders; redesigned rearward position allows battery to be placed even further rearward on the chassis
  • Redesigned electronics & battery layouts designed with optimum weight distribution and balance in mind.
  • Lay-down steering servo gives lowest CG at the chassis center
  • Chassis and rear pod features pre-drilled centerline holes for optimum weight balance adjustment using HUDY Balancing Tool #107880
  • Robust body posts with fully-adjustable body holders; optional super fine +1 or +2mm body backstops available optionally for even more super-fine body height adjustment

Front suspension:

  • Redesigned & improved front suspension
  • High-competition, fully-adjustable front suspension with strong, smooth-operating composite parts
  • Lower suspension arms feature eccentric aluminum inserts for quick & easy changing and setting of front track-width
  • Optional aluminum 0.5 and 1.0mm eccentrics available for wider or narrower track-width
  • Ride height adjustment shims for quick & easy precise ride height adjustment for various track conditions; set of 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6mm ride height adjustment shims included
  • All composite parts manufactured by XRAY using premium self-developed composite mixtures which guarantee sufficient flex of suspension parts while being hard enough to withstand heavy impacts
  • Quick & easy front caster adjustment via included clips
  • Reactive front caster adjustment with preset 2.5°, 5.0° or 7.5° angles via easy-to-change eccentric bushings
  • Ultra-precise wheel axles CNC-machined from premium HUDY Spring Steel™ additionally hardened and hand ground for precision fitment
  • High-precision, HUDY Spring Steel™ upper pivot balls ensure super-fine movement of the front suspension under compression
  • Composite lower pivot balls allow the front suspension to work more smoothly
  • Front upper 3mm adjustable HUDY Spring Steel™ camber turnbuckles are lightweight yet can withstand hard impacts


  • Chassis features predrilled holes for the servo mounts on both left and right side which allows the placement of the servo to balance the car as necessary
  • Super-tiny yet robust steering blocks with specially-designed axles which prevent axle spinning while tightening the wheel locking nuts
  • Pivoting front suspension with super-smooth hardened steel kingpins supported by included soft springs; optional medium, hard, and extra-hard suspension springs available
  • Aluminum servo mounts position the servo flat on the chassis to ensure lowest possible CG
  • Tiny yet robust servo saver with easy Ackermann adjustment via shims mounted below pivot balls
  • 4-spring servo saver makes the car steer more precisely and smoothly
  • Specially-designed narrow composite ball joints
  • Adjustable, super-lightweight Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum turnbuckles

Rear pod:

  • Redesigned narrow rear pod allows for super-easy motor top access, accommodating all motors
  • Straight side springs improve side traction and handling, giving smoother out-of-corner exiting and reduced traction rolling
  • Compact, ultra-lightweight narrow rear pod constructed from high-strength aluminum bulkheads, rear aluminum brace, and thin-but-strong high-grade graphite plates
  • Centrally-located composite rear pod links give increased steering response and improved side-to-side weight transition
  • Rear pod bulkheads CNC-machined from premium extra-hard Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, additionally black coated for long life and stylish look
  • Rear bulkheads are strategically machined to minimize weight while retaining strength
  • Premium-grade graphite upper deck provides solid attachment for shock absorber to rear pod
  • Redesigned rear link brace accommodates new side spring positions, along with improved access and new body holder positions
  • Super-easy motor top access
  • Eccentric composite bushings included for ultra-fine rear ride height adjustment
  • Rear differential features high-grade precision carbide balls for spur gear, hardened and precision-ground D-steel shims, and premium carbide 3x8mm axial thrustbearing
  • Ultra-strong hollow rear axle
  • Precision-molded spur gear made from XRAY's exclusive composite material, ensuring true running, super-quiet operation, super lightness and robustness for handling powerful motors
  • Aluminum rear hubs machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum, specially lightened and black coated for stylish look
  • Lightweight rear wheel mounting screws for reduced rotating weight
  • Aluminum wheel hub with center-balanced clamping mounting system, ensures secure mounting while eliminating vibration and run-out
  • Easy rear track-width adjustment via included shims
  • Rear body posts are mounted to the chassis via a wide independently-mounted graphite holder, ensuring body downforce is properly transferred to the chassis
  • Rear pod weight balance can be easily adjusted via shims between motor and bulkhead


  • Fully-adjustable XRAY micro shock shares similar design to its “big brother” counterpart in XRAY’s successful T4 touring car platform
  • Hard-anodized aluminum shock body for ultra durability
  • Fine-threaded shock body for quick & easy shock spring preload adjustment
  • Tiny, thin shock membrane gives super-smooth damping characteristics
  • Super-soft silicone shock O-ring for smooth operation while preventing oil leakage
  • Ultra-finely finished shock shaft with precision-molded composite shock piston ensures optimum shock oil flow and smooth action
  • Simple, well-designed construction allows for quick & easy shock-length adjustment for downstop adjustment
  • Shock position adjustment via shimming of HUDY Spring Steel™ shock ball studs
  • Rear pod side balance is controlled by side tubes which give equalized lateral damping in both directions while eliminating unwanted rebound

Assembly & support:

  • Highest quality of all composite parts ensures super-precise fitment, easy assembly, and smooth operation of all parts
  • Premium 3D full-color Instruction Manual (available only for download)
  • Exclusive Virtual Online Setup Sheet database with thousands of set-up sheets for race tracks around the world
  • Premium, unmatched XRAY online support

Adjustment possibilities:

  • Front camber, caster, reactive caster, and toe
  • Front & rear track-width
  • Front, center & rear ride height
  • Front springs
  • Fully-adjustable rear shock absorber
  • Pod lateral damping
  • Downstops
  • Ackermann
  • Differential settings
  • Wheelbase


Class: 1/10 electric pancar
Width: Adjustable 190mm front, 195mm rear
Length: depends on rear tires used
Wheelbase: 255 +/- 3mm
Weight: 280g
Ready-to-run weight: 1050g - incl. BL system (varies depending on equipment used)


Chassis: 2.5mm carbon fiber, CNC machined
Body: Not included, uses 1/10 pancar type


Front: Spring-supported, kingpin-style front suspension with composite upper & lower suspension arms and steering blocks
Rear: Conventional rear pod, adjustable via pivot-ball links, controlled by side tubes
Rear Shock: Central adjustable oil-filled shock absorber


Ride Height: Adjustable front + rear
Camber: Adjustable front
Front Caster (Static): 1–14.5° static adjustable static caster
Front Caster (Reactive): 2.5–7.5° adjustable reactive caster
Track-width: Adjustable front + rear
Toe: Adjustable front
Downstop: Adjustable rear
Ackermann: Adjustable with shims and servo position
Steering: Direct linkage between steering servo saver and steering blocks
Balance: Front/rear weight balance adjustable via battery position


Wheels: Not included
Tires: Not included
Instructions: Full-color manual with 3D graphics (40 pages)
Set-up book: 2-color Set-up Book (16 pages) – not included
Packaging: Carton box with vinyl bags with parts
Additionally included: HUDY Diff Grease, Authentication Certificate, parts list & exploded view, decals, shock oil
Not included: Motor, battery, speed controller, tires, body, steering servo, radio equipment
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Pre-production prototype is shown, final specifications may slightly vary. In some pictures optional parts may be shown. All option parts are not included and must be purchased separately. The color of some aluminum parts may vary from kit to kit and some of the kits may not include all the orange or black parts as shown. Some of the spare parts or option parts may not be available at the moment in the orange or black color as shown.