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Report by Janne Koivisto
Aasi indoor Arena: GT-12, CS-12, EuroTruck and M-Touring clubrace series III/IV @ Tampere, Finland 25.11.2023 the third competition in the southern Finnish club competition series.

I took part in the CS12 class. Second place for me! The competition consisted of 2 practice sessions, only 2 time trials and 3 finals. I have never had to make such radical changes to a car as today. The reason was driving for the first time on an ETS carpet that was glued to the floor. I struggled all day with the pushing car, and I finally got it working in the second final start, but due to others crashing, I was out of the fight for the top spot. I managed to win the last final race, but it wasn't enough anymore. I should have gone to test the track earlier, but the time has passed to test the new touring car for the next XRS race. Congratulations to Niko Saarinen for a great win and flawless driving! In the GT12 class, Miika Enroos dominated the whole day with his own XRAY X12 car. Miika made a smart bet and came to the race venue on Friday to adjust the car to perfection. In the competition, all you had to do was enjoy and watch the car work like a dream. Congratulations Miika for great driving and result! Thanks to the Of-Racing Team for organizing this race. Last club race will be run in 30.12 at Raisio but first I will race in two weeks in XRS Finland race!

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1/12 GT results:
1. Miika Enroos - XRAY X12
2. Tommi Tirroniemi
3. Aarre Sillanpaa

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1/12 stock:
1. Niko Saarinen
2. Janne Koivisto - XRAY X12
3. Petri Tuomainen